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New to VisiLogic and Unitronics

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Hi all,

I've just started back into PLC controls after a couple of years out, I have in the past written programs using the siemens Logo range and i've now got a job and looking to learn this product, i'm mainly going to be into heating controls using boiler sequencing and 0-10V controls for modulation of of the burners etc. any helpful hints and directions into this side of things would be most helpful to me. 


Thanks in advance 






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Unitronics has many YouTube videos & recorded webinars. They are worth watching. Also, your VisiLogic installation came with many example projects. Review the ones that pertain to what you're doing. Unitronics also offers training classes periodically. They are terrific and inexpensive.

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A long cup of coffee whilst looking at all the pinned topics will be of use, too.  Many don't exactly relate but there are useful quirks to know in there.

I mainly work in HVAC where I view modulation as necessary everywhere.  (Many people don't!) In setting up your modulations, pay particular attention to how the PLC being used relates its MI numbers to it's output, ie it's resolution might be 10 or 12 bit etc.  This varies across models, and some units have multi-bit-capabilities with choices done within Visilogic.  FYI, I always monitor the AO back from the controlled devices to ensure they are reacting properly to inputs.

Thoroughly read the Tech Specs for the model you are using.

cheers, Aus

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