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V700 Touch screen problem

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Good afternoon.

We have a problem with the V700 touchscreen. The touchscreen worked fine. Then we downloaded a new program and problems with the touchscreen started. We tried to calibrate through the "Info mode" - without result. The calibration process is not completed, the square appears in the upper left then in the lower right corners. And so endlessly. We checked the readings of system variables - the values were "-1" . We tried to calibrate through SB 73 and SB 74 - everything is the same and without result.

The film was removed, the fastening of the panel in the cabinet was released. The panel is new.

What else can you try?

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On 7/2/2022 at 11:34 PM, Flex727 said:

Try downloading a blank project, perform Initialize & Reset, then try your project again.

Also, make sure any and all HMI screens in your project are called with transition contacts only.

Yes, I tried to load an empty project and I did Initial & Reset . But I don't remember if I did Initial & Reset on an empty project or on a working one. It is important?

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  • MVP 2023

Init and Reset often cures odd issues.  If having problems like yours, I'd do it after each program download. Ensure all of Flex's call comments are checked.  Screens take a few scans to completely load, and if other screen calls happen during further scans the little humans in the plc start running down the same passages and bump into each other's heads.

cheers, Aus

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