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Prepare V570 for Modbus RTU RS485

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Hi everyone.

Need some help to clarify my ideas... I want to connect a LoraController to V570 PLC via RS485 and using ModbusRTU protocol, where PLC has to be the slave.

Reading PLC manuals, I think I have to 1)configure DIP Switch for RS485 configuration and 2) Update an application  to the PLC via USB-PC(not sure how to update this application) to make it work with modbus rtu slave configuration... is there any template of this application?

Finally, on my Lora Controller, I have to configure modbus configuration as baud rate, data bit, stop bit, parity, slave id (where to get this information??) and modbus addresses where the data is.

Am i in the good way? Could you help to resolve my doubts?

Thanks in advanced.

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