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I tried to download a new program to a SM35 that was similar to what was already in it. I received an error at the end of download that it timed out. I increased baud rate and timeout time. No success. I sent program to Unitronics to check. They suggested I download latest version and try again. I did this and it wanted me to update OS.  I went to update OS and it failed on step 2. I tried powering down, remove battery, nothing helped. Now the screen says factory boot error. I cant download program, I cant update OS.... Anyone have a solution?

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Please read this topics

You must also try to use another PC for OS update with hardware RS232 on board.

If SM35 hardware is ok - it is impossible to brick Vision series PLC.

P.S. Please post Visilogic OS version check menu result for this SM35.

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