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I have a scenario where on my HMI I have an 'Operator' button that requires a password which when entered correctly jumps to another HMI display to allow an operator to manually open/close valves. 

What I am trying to do after this is see if there is a way for the HMI to jump back a screen if there hasn't been any activity on the 'Operator' display for an amount of time to prevent unauthorised people going and open/closing the valves manually. Has anyone got any suggestions?

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HI Guys,


Again, I appreciate your help. Unfortunately what you have suggested has only solved half of the puzzle...

The page times out after the specified timer and goes back to the selected HMI display which is great, but what I'm looking for it to do is to time out after their hasn't been activity on the display (someone hasn't touched the screen) after an amount of time. Is this possible?

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