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Simple Introduction to Visilogic

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I need a recommendation of reference material for learning the basics of Visilogic.  I have over 30 years of PLC programming experience.

I do NOT need an explanation of what a PLC.  I do not need an explanation of data types.  I do not need to be convinced to use Uniitronics.  I do not need to be shown it's "cool" features.

I need the basics of starting a program, IO addressing (I have configured the modules, but what addresses will the data show up in the PLC logic area).  How do I compile and download, both the PLC and HMI programs.  How is a graphic element created and how is it linked to a PLC tag.  How are fault messages typically displayed on the graphics terminal.

I am sure I could figure all of this out in 2 or 3 days, but there should be a short video or manual explaining the basics to a veteran PLC user.

Is there a simple video that is not 6 or more years old?

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Hi, Old Ed.  Old Joe here.

I feel you on the basic education requirement.  When I teach PLC class, I point out that all PLCs are basically equal and the pain is in figuring out the software.  I have programmed many brands in my time.

4 hours ago, OLD ED said:

Is there a simple video that is not 6 or more years old?

 No.  Visilogic is written in VB6 and was introduced in 2005 with a decent upgrade in 2008 when the enhanced series was introduced.  Anything since 2015 has been all about the UniStream product.

So the old videos and example projects are still very relevant for this product.

If you're in the US and want to PM me with your phone number we can talk in more detail.  Because that's what old people do - use their phones to talk.  😄


Joe T.

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