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1 hour ago, lesmar96 said:

But it doesn't look like the V570 supports DHCP

If you need advanced network functions for this type of PLC, you should probably pay attention to the new service from Unitronics - Unicloud.


And the new product from Unitronics UCR router


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you can use DHCP on v570, there is an example that I've used before, and works great, however, I don't recommend DHCP on industrial Networks,  usually, you set the ips for specific devices and you don't want that an automatic IP assignment could break your network.

Where I can I find this example? I'd appreciate it.

Yes, I certainly understand your concern. But we are planning to provide static addresses from the DHCP server rather than on the plc itself.

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On 8/31/2022 at 10:16 AM, lesmar96 said:

Thanks so much! I will check that out.

I looked in the examples in visilogic, but hadn't found this site.

I know.... I wouldn't say that Unitronics is the best at maintaining proper documentation.

But to be fare that happens a lot with other brands too, "application notes", "expert knowledge" or however everyone chooses to name  that hidden section with useful information 😂😂

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