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"Replace Operand" Frustration!!

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Hi all, today I've had to do a fair bit of shuffling around of MIs in a program and I have rediscovered one of my pet hates.  I'd forgotten how annoying it is!

If you have the operand list open on, say, a series of MIs that you want to move somewhere else, when you open Replace Operand the lower pane shifts to the Find tab.  It is across all element types.  You have the lot you want to move on screen, and then when you get to the area that controls the move, the things you want to move and need to easily see to ensure that everything is correct...have disappeared!  For a few times of use it's tolerable, but doing a lot of moves it becomes a right PITA.  Instead of visual references to make sure selections are correct, you have to write things down, or do a screenshot.  It's silly!

I'm still on 8.65 and wondering if this has been changed in later versions?  Or is there a trick I don't know to keep the info there?

cheers, Aus    😠

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