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V1040 screen freezes

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Dear all,

I have a major problem with two of our V1040 OPLC's: from time to time the screen "freezes". The last shown screen remains active, pushbuttons (F buttons, or on screen touchfunctions) do not have any function anymore.

The software seems to run normal, Canbus communication is working, but the checking the Canbus network via "Communication - PC settings" is indicating two remote IO's as not reachable ?!?

Using the Remote Operator version screen navigation and pushbuttons functions are all working (remotely...not on the screen directly).

I am not sure, but maybe there is a link between the freeze and the use of the Remote Operator software. The PLC's are connected via Ethernet to a PC.

The only way out is to initialise and reset the PLC...which is an quite inconvinient solution.

When the screen is frozen I get the following status info:

Run\Stop: Run

Flash status: erasing

Memory status: Idle

Complier status: Ready

Compiler: No Error

After PLC init and reset, the values are changing to the following:

Run\Stop: Run

Flash status: Idle

Memory status: Idle

Complier status: Ready

Compiler: No Error

Any idea, what can cause the problem, and how to solve it?



Visilogic is : 9.3.0

Remote Operator:

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I feel a bit stupid, but what do you mean with "system file versions"?

OS is Win7 64 bit

He means the OS installed on you V1040. If you go to [Connection > Communication & OS] and click on the fourth tab, which I'm guessing is supposed to look like an eyeball, you will be able to check what version is on the PLC.

Under the help menu there is a Check for Updates sub menu. Inside that is an option to check for the most recent OS available. If your not using the most recent one, it is probably best to go ahead and do so.

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Please use the latest VisiLogic V9.3.1 (Download)

When using VisiLogic V9.3.1 (or any version) you must download all the system files that released with each version:

· Boot

· BinLib

· O/S

Use a COM port to download the BOOT and the BinLib.

*** Avoid system incompatibility - Please note ***

The system files in V9.X.X are not compatible with V7.X.X or V8.X.X

Make sure that you are using the O/S, BinLib, Boot that implement in each VisiLogic version

1. Turn OFF the PLC and use it as standalone ( Disconnect I/O expansions ,Ethernet….)

2. Touch and hold the screen

3. Power ON while screen is touched

4. Touch twice in Bootstrap screen

Make sure the Connection Settings are correct (COM PORT RS232 ONLY, 115200 baud rate and 6sec time out)

Please make sure that you are using the latest system files (Go to help menu>update from the web>operation system)

Download a blank application to the PLC by using PC's COM Port and PLC's COM1 RS232.

If everything is ok, try to download your application.

Hope it helps...

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