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Save Failed (174) Error Number (507)

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I've recently been experiencing trouble saving program files, I'm given the following error message


Save Failed (174)

Disk is full, or write protected, replace the disk and try again.

Error number (507)


The files I am working on are saved to my desktop. After I clear the error message it brings up a Save As window, at which point I "replace" the old file with the new file of the same name. Before this week, I've been able to save normally with no trouble. Been running 9.8.95 for a while now.

I haven't been able to find any documentation on this error or mention of it in the forums, hoping one of yall might be able to offer some guidance. 

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  • MVP 2023

I haven't run across this particular error, and this is probably not a solution (but who knows?), however, I strongly recommend upgrading to 9.8.96. Files saved with 9.8.95 open seamlessly with 9.8.96 and 9.8.96 files do not require any firmware upgrade on the PLC that is running with 9.8.95.

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Each of Windows updates add more security and require to correct access rigts, especially to allow write/store to directories you previously stored without problems.

It is recommended to consult IT (or find at Internet) how to allow to store project files to specific directory.

So there is not a Unitronics software problem.B.R.


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I recently ran into a similar issue  In VisiLogic  involving   project restores   giving me similar  disk full messages.

I did the following :



                                  delete  some of the older projects





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