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Store DTI to File causes crash of the PLC


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I have a problem when using the "Store DTI To File" block as it causes the PLC crashing. I used so far the block (see  screenshot) to write a row of the DTI into a CSV file in another place in the program and I have never experienced this. Now I wanted to call this block from another button to write another row of the same DTI.  But when the code runs I get the crash (see screenshot). The status of the block is giving back "1" indicating the function was in progress then after 2-3 seconds I get the crash. The CSV file is being created properly on the SD card, no problem there. But the touch screen doesn't really react I have to reboot it.  I tried to put it in a separate rung but didn't help I get the same result. While the other instance of this "Store DTI To File" block still works properly.

The PLC is a UniStream US10-B5-RA28. 

I would really appreciate if anyone could help.

Thanks in advance.




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