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However, based on the information available, it seems that you might be referring to an Omron V430-F Series Autofocus Multicode Reader. Solidworks 2023 Premium offers great value. If that’s the case, you can set or change the length of time the signals assigned to Outputs 1 to 3 are in an ON state and the timing of when they turn OFF through the device’s settings

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Omron?  Maybe, but  I think not.  I'm assuming this is meant to be in the Vision forum, so I've moved it.

I only use V130s but I'm guessing it will be similar...... to turn the screen backlight off you use SI9.  I default it to 0, and use SB6 into a TE to store 100 into it so that it remains fully on during use, then goes completely off on timeout by a store back to 0.  Others will no doubt do a different method....that's part of PLC programmings nature!

cheers, Aus

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