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correct reading in volts in linearization

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hello goodnight.
I would like some clarification.
I'm measuring with a level sensor from 0 to 10 VDC.
The sensor measurement correctly indicates 2225 mm but the multimeter measures 9.90.
I did linearization and the reading seems to be correct



It needed to show 2225mm in the numerical variable of the plc equal to the one shown on the sensor display



Por outro lado

I also did this linearization but here the value rounds correctly at 10 VDC
How is it different from the one shown above?
How can I solve this problem, the level sensor cannot adjust the reading error



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  • MVP 2023

Since it appears you have a bit of unaccounted for resistance somewhere, just multiply your result by 1.01 (multiply by 101 then divide by 100). Be careful of register overflow - I recommend moving to MLs for this operation.

There's also no law that says you must use 16383 in your linearization block. Use 16224 instead (or whatever gives you the answer you need).

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  • MVP 2023

Also have a look at the links below.

And just for a laugh, I initially looked at your pictures and thought the reading was WAY off, reading the LED display as 5222.  🙃

Use the calculator and the actual raw value in the PLC to get things exactly right, by varying the input and noting all readings.  And then note the max/min comments as well.  Although my post/request was done in 2015, I don't believe the fix has ever been done.  But I am still only using Visilogic 9.8.65

cheers, Aus




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