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HID device (keyboard) pressed keys does not appear in UniStream when should


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hi All,

so...i need to manage an external "numeric keypad"; so I already bought a standard one (I think)...the keypad has the numbers from 0 to 9, the operator "+, - /, *" has the dot "." , also has a "DEL", "recall Calculator", "Enter", "bloc num" buttons.

I tried the example program that add the pushed button of the keypad to a string that is displaied in the HMI; when I connect th eexternal keypad it is recognized as HID device and the display ask to reboot (I did).

so...the numeric buttons are recognized and properly added to the string; the operators are recognized and added to the string but all the others are "dropped"...also the "." is dropped...there is a way to check what is the data sent by the keypad to the PLC (USB port) by a HID device?

at the end i need to couple, at the "dropped" buttons, some special function.

hope tha is clear...thanks

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