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  2. Hello, my name is deybid, I am looking for a little help with this plc unitronics and this hmi delta brand, since it is the first time that I am going to work with these equipments and I would like to have a modbus communication, since it is the only option that It gives the hmi delta software but I can not get the communication through the plc cable rj11 -> rs232. I have been investigating the program that I have to load in the PLC since I want to work as a slave, but even so I do not have much knowledge about this equipment. I would appreciate it if you would help me. Thank you and I'm sorry for him. English.
  3. @Pendalar What country are you in? That can help with an enclosure manufacturer recommendation. I've made several little trainers using an enclosure similar to what Ausman posted. You are definitely going to have to cut your own hole - suck it up. If you don't know how let us know and I'll post pictures of how we do it. I've found some 24V 0.5A wall-warts on Digikey that work just fine. Joe T.
  4. Do you have any other PLC experience? No, your application is specific enough that there's not an example already done. Post your PLC program so we can see what you're trying to do and maybe hack on it a bit. Joe T.
  5. @C_R_PLC Specifically, what UI object types are you frustrated with? For buttons, there is actually a "Vision Style Button" in the Style dropdown that can have a small font jammed into it- The numerical displays can be made small natively- If you're frustrated with the Data Table widget and the inability to set text size I'm with you. Maybe post some screenshots with commentary. @JL_SMB Speed of response totally depends on your application and how many objects you have on the screen. And your Ladder code. And any and all communication protocols and objects you have defined. I'd be interested for you to post your code and see what's under the hood that is producing a two second response. If I may get on my soapbox, the general demand from the user base is everyone wants the PLC to do all sorts of Internet-y and Cell Phone-y things, like IoT and send me a text and serve up my files and show me a pdf and hook up to a camera and serve up webpages and I want to see the screens on my phone and connect to my database and ..... PLCs were never designed to do all these things. Computers are. To get the functionality everyone wants that UniStream delivers they had to separate the PLC engine from the computer (the front panel) and the result is two separate CPUs. I honestly don't know how UniStream compares with other PLC brands on this topic. The only one I've had recent experience with is an AB CompactLogix talking to a PanelView Plus. The PanelView Plus has nowhere near the functionality of the UniStream and a 10" unit was $6,000 USD. My general position is if you've got a complaint, give us a lot more detail on your application so that we may either agree with you or point out what you're doing wrong that's causing a problem. Joe T.
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  7. Further to Flex's comments, something for you to consider. I often preach on the forum that in many instances a "timer" issue like yours is far easier to set up, and simpler to understand, if you use a counter based system instead. You set up a self-resetting count that increments at a suitable rate, based on a system time like 100ms (or bigger or smaller...depends on your need). You then do compares to trigger actions....."if the count is b/n A & B do THIS output; if it is between A & C do ANOTHER action; between F & H do THAT; right up to the main reset where it starts the count again blah blah. Your case of 5 seconds means one of those compares would be perhaps based on 0 - 50 if you are using 100ms as the count increment. Interacting Timers can often lead to Terrible Interaction Knots happening! Counters are simple, very easily manipulated and show what is going in a snap. They seem to have gone by the wayside over the years, but are extremely powerful and diverse in the right hands. I guess because people only associate the word "time" with "Timers". Thinking outside the box is a powerful concept when working with plcs. cheers, Aus
  8. Thank you. Is it possible to see a program where a motor is used with two different speeds consecutively using timers ?
  9. #1 - Do NOT place multiple logic threads in a single ladder rung. #2 - It appears that you are not using the Timer correctly. Here is the Help entry for the On Delay Timer you are using. You must use the Out bit. If you are still not understanding, ask a specific question and we will help you.
  10. Hello everyone, I am having two problems configuring a Conrad DSMP420-12-0024-BF DC gearmotor 12 Vdc 5.5. First, I would like the motor to run at high speed for five seconds and then run at slow speed. (photo 1, does not work, no speed is stable) If I use only one speed (only one value for C), it works very well (photo 2) I think I'm wrong about how to assign a value to the speed and the use of timers. I am quitte new at Unilogic, I count on your help. Thank you very much picture 1 : www.casimages.com/i/190622090054791578.png picture 2 : https://www.casimages.com/i/190622090054881279.png.html
  11. Dear Members! I have successfully connected with the IOLINK master device. Important to match the names an the BIG letters at the excel file. I had to fix few little things in the tag files, but the communication is OK now between the IOmaster and the PLC. The next step to reach the RFID reader, but I didn't find the right port setting, how can I activate the IO link port, and communicate with the reader. If somebody have useful info about, please not hesitate to write If I find the solution, I'll share it with you. Regards, Bence
  12. Hi, Go to the www.unitronicsPLC.com - Technical Support and at the bottom of the dropdown is the Contact select. Open it and submit a Ticket. This gets to Unitronics Support staff directly or send an email to support@unitronicsplc.com and describe the problem. These go directly to the Unitronics support team for the best answers in this type of issue. DanT
  13. For what you want I wouldn't be going to too much trouble. The unit uses about 12W max so I'd find yourself a little enclosure like my pic I found. Plastic lids are very easy to work with, and if you don't have precise machinery to machine the hole, you can easily do it carefully with a jigsaw. Put some duct tape on where you're cutting to protect the surface that will remain. For power I'd simply use an external plug pack, and run the lead through a nylon gland on the side of the box. Same goes for your ethernet connection, use a gland big enough to let you run a standard ready made patch lead through of the right length. Your location will dictate where you get this stuff, all of it can normally be found at any decent electricians' supplies store, or a hobby electronics type place. cheers, Aus
  14. Not to talk about the "speed" of the whole thing. You click one item, wait 2 seconds, and the the properties refresh,
  15. Hi engineers, I'm working with a US5-B5-RA28 PLC, i would like to known the meanings from "On board IO.IO" error codes, cause i'm facing some issues with this plc model. This PLC is running but sometimes the PLC gets On board IO.IO Status = 16 , after that all the digital outputs are freeze with their last state and the analog signals have wrong values, but the HMI go on working OK Any ideas? Thanks Cheers.
  16. Hi all. I'm looking to purchase a US7-B10-B1 as a test rig initially for learning Unistream (some experience with Visilogic already but want to dive into Unistream). No need for I/O or anything complex at this point. While I have done some programming, I'm extremely new to the hardware side of things so this will be painfully "noobish". That said, on with the mini project... I want (generally) to have the US7-B10-B1 in some sort minimal enclosure (10x8x4 ish?) with only notches for the HMI, power cord, and ethernet. Any thoughts/recommendations would be appreciated in regards to the following: Reasonably priced enclosure manufacture that does the panel cutout to specs? Any power considerations, as far as needing to include other hardware in the enclosure that may or may not alter the general dimensions that I should look for? Anything else I might should consider aside from later migrating the test rig to a production unit with a full scale enclosure, I/O expansion, etc? In the end/restated, I'm looking to protect the unit while being able to view the HMI, and only need to access a power cord and ethernet.
  17. That works for the PLC itself but not a node which is declared under the scanner
  18. Use a TE Timer and activate it with a positive transition.
  19. Yes problem solved, just needed a guideline such as yours. Thank you.... I'm having another Timer problem to program a coil that we be energized for a specific period of time but I will just start a topic for it. Thanks once again
  20. Under the Numeric elements on the right you have "IP address edit" and "IP Settings Edit" Can you place these on the screen for the user to access? Can you also change these from the info mode?
  21. I've recently been teaching myself Unilogic after using Visilogic for about a year and the thing that sticks out to me the most is that while Unilogic definitely looks more "modern" the UI is absolutely horrible and wastes so much space. To the point where I'm having issues using the program on a single screen compared to Visilogic's much more condensed and less cluttered style. Is there a theme or setting that I'm missing that could lower the entire UI scale or something along those lines?
  22. Hello Cam, thanks for your answer. To me it is obvious because we ship the PLC to any customer and we do not know up front what there communication parameters are. Please Advise, thanks Ad
  23. I would like that Info mode accesss in Unistream was designed in another way. The Visilogic way was good enough, at least I was able to place any buttons wherever I wanted. With Unistream method you have a considerable dead zone where you can't place any button because it simply won't work, because it is reserved to access the System configuration. Wouldn't it be possible to choose the corner where the info mode has to be accessed? The upper left corner is where I always put the Home or Back button, but in any case I think that space should be available to place any button, not just reserved for the info mode access. I find it an annoying limitation.
  24. I don’t believe there is a way to do this as you can not assign a variable to the node IP. why do you need to dynamically assign the IP anyhow?
  25. Did you look at the Help file? The example is for an older PLC, but the basics are the same. When you place the Timer HMI element on the screen, link to the timer operand you want, check the Preset box, and the Keypad Entry box. Also, set up the Format and other niceties for your HMI element. That's all there is.
  26. Yep...I'd forgotten this simple method, as the time things I need don't let you do keyboard entry. But what you want, mucking, it does. That's the beauty of this forum, keep on learning/relearning something all the time. cheers, Aus
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