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After update I/O modules don’t work.

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My project work properly before yesterday on UniLogic 1_16_Rev_44 . Yesterday I update software to UniLogic 1_18_Rev_60 and firmware (I use a DOK) after. After PLC reboot and download the project on PLC I have message on the screen to update I/O modules. I confirm this and PLC is looking OK. The project work good (software) but nothing happens. I see when PLC initializing I/O modules blinking green every second. When initializing finished first three one I/O modules ( 3x UIA-0402N) blinking red rapidly and other 6 modules (UID-0808T) blinking green every second. The PLC is USP-104-B10, I/O modules are:

UIA-0402N_0  UIA-0402N_1  UIA-0402N_2


UID-0808T_3 to UID-0808T_8

Pls somebody help my. Sorry for my English.


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I have the same issue. After an upgrade from 1.13.9 to 1.18.60 the IO modules were blinking green or red.

The modules in question are: 0808T, 0808THS, UAG-XKXXXX, 0402N, 0402N, 0808T, 0808T.

During the upgrade, I have upgraded the PLC, IO units and the CPU FPGA. But not the CPU boot.

To solve the issue: The PLC is downgraded to its original state 1.13.9, including CPU FPGA and IO units. 

How can this be resolved? There are still 2 machines with older firmware, but at this moment I am not going to gamble a 3 hour down time when the upgrade is not functional. 1 machine is already upgraded to 1.18.60 which went fine, this machine contains the following IO units: UAG-XKPL,0800N,W1+616T,W1616T, 0808THS.

Thanks, Maarten

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Hi Mbb and Mdglopper,


It seems that the UID-0808T you are using has an old boot.

Because of this the O/S of this module needs to be downgraded it order for the module to work. BUT please note that the using the old UID-0808T, you cannot use the "scenarios" of this IO module.


Please do as follows:

On UniLogic 1.18.6  go to Download > OS Download > Download IO Files.

Select the IOOS_UID-0808T_V2_5

When it's done just reboot the PLC.

download io files.jpg


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