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UniStream: rising to the COVID-19 Challenge

Cara Bereck Levy


Hi people,

In the here and now, engineers save lives.

Medicavent rose to the challenge of COVID-19—ventilators.
They did it using a UniStream Built-in, model US7-B10-TA30l.

As they tell it:

> Our team, composed of aeronautic, mechanical and systems engineers, whose day jobs are working on classified defense contracts, have decided to rise to the occasion, working around the clock and under the radar to develop a semi-professional ventilator.

The criteria selected were rapid development, production scalability, reasonable cost, meeting the strictest standards and most of all – that any one of us would feel safe using the device on a family member if, heaven forbid, they would require a ventilator.<

Read the whole story here: https://medicavent.com/#story

Watch the video below:






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