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  1. UniLogic 2021-- UniCloud IIoT Cloud Platform, EtherCAT & more!   (283,221 visits to this link)

    UniLogic’ first 2021 release supports UniCloud, Unitronics complete, no-code IIoT Cloud Platform specifically designed for the OEM and Machine Builder. End-to-end, scalable and secure, UniCloud enables you to easily build customized Dashboards and use them to harvest, analyze, and leverage data to boost efficiency, trouble-shoot problems, and implement preventative maintenance—reducing your management overhead and leaving you time to grow your business.
    You do not need programming or cloud development skills in order to commission and deploy UniCloud—you can benefit from IIoT services, increase your revenues, and save on costs without relying on programmers and cloud professional staff.

    This release also introduces UniStream 'Cloud' controllers.  UniStream 'Cloud' controllers are an industry first: a PLC with built-in, no-cost cloud services. Each UniStream Cloud PLC is supplied with a pre-paid 5-year Start-up Subscription plan-there is no monthly subscription fee.

    UniCloud is also supported by Vision Enhanced, Samba, and will soon be supported by Jazz. While UniStream connects directly to UniCloud, note that other controllers connect via Unitronics secure routers.

    To learn more, and take advantage of our free trial offer, click here: https://unitronics.cloud/product/

    This release also supports EtherCAT, the industrial fieldbus protocol that drives powerfully precise processes in factories across the globe, via our new EtherCAT Master module. The new module enables you to integrate:

    ·         Unitronics EtherCAT Servo Drives
    When you use a Unitronics drive, EtherCAT data exchange is transparent. You can implement motion using UniLogic's Motion function blocks. A single UniStream can support up to 8 drives. Plus, you can easily adapt any Motion application based on CANopen to EtherCAT simply by making a few changes in Hardware Configuration.

    ·         Unitronics URB EtherCAT adapter
    Via an EtherCAT URB adapter, you can communicate with Unitronics URB Ethernet-based I/O modules

    ·         Third-party EtherCAT slave devices
    You can import a device's definition file, and exchange data via Ladder using SDO requests.

    A single UniStream can support one EtherCAT master module, which can support a total of 32 EtherCAT nodes. This includes EtherCAT Servo drives, Remote URB adapters, and third-party EtherCAT devices.

    *EtherCAT is currently supported by USC-B5 and USC-B10 only.


    For a complete list of features and bug fixes—and to download the latest UniLogic version—click here and scroll down: https://www.unitronicsplc.com/software-unilogic-for-programmable-controllers/

  2. VisiLogic: 9.9.00 - Protect Your Vision and Samba Systems with New Security Enhancements   (259,929 visits to this link)

    VisiLogic 9.9.00 focuses on enhancing and strengthening the protection of your automation systems.
    It requires you to change default passwords and implement complex passwords and comprises new features to protect Vision and Samba controllers. These features include mandatory password protection for PCOM communications via Ethernet, a method enabling you to block remote access actions initiated via PCOM, and a way to change the Information Mode default password via Ladder.   

    Unitronics strongly recommends that users with existing applications comprising Vision and Samba controllers that are connected to the internet, update to the current VisiLogic and firmware version, as well as to updated versions of Unitronics’ compatible utilities.

    In addition to securing Device Level security by using the features included in this new VisiLogic version, implementing effective system security requires a layered approach.

    While upgrading to this version enhances device security, network protection is essential as your first line of defense.

    It is highly important to make sure that any internet connection will be done using firewalls to restrict unwanted access and that there are no port forwarding settings exposing automation equipment directly to the public network.

    Upgrade Now for Enhanced Security

    We highly recommend updating to VisiLogic 9.9.00 to benefit from the latest security enhancements and ensure the protection of your critical industrial systems.

    The new version is available on our site: https://www.unitronicsplc.com/software-visilogic-for-programmable-controllers/

    * For UniCloud customers: please contact us for specific guidance.

    For detailed instructions on upgrading and implementing the recommended security measures, please Click Here or contact directly to our technical support team.


  3. New!!! ***** U90 Ladder*****   (238,384 visits to this link)

    U90 Ladder 6.3.0, OS 2.20 B00 supports new Jazz models JZ20-R10, JZ20-R16, and JZ20-R31 in Hardware Configuration. These models are 30x faster than JZ10 models,  have twice the memory,  comprise integral USB programming ports.
    Read the version changes at: https://unitronicsplc.com/software-u90-for-programmable-controllers/

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