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  1. Thanks NoamM. We have already created the ticket through SIDE support. Do you know of another SFTP server for testing?
  2. I've tested with a temporal SFTP: Free SFTP server: online SFTP server for testing - SFTPCloud The same error "-6" Is there any log in the UniStream where I can get more info about the error?
  3. Hi, Can I download the Technical Library now o it is only online?
  4. The U90Ladder 6.4.0 has the same error. Will be fixed the error with the new versions?
  5. Finally the end customer did the best solution: downgrade to Windows 7
  6. Hi Joe, the link is broken. Thanks anyway but I think there is not support for Windows 8 for the PL2303.
  7. Please check the guide of IO-AO6X: http://www.unitronics.com/docs/io_expansions/io-ao6x.pdf?sfvrsn=0 Resolution at 4-20mA 819 to 4095 (3277 units) X min: 819 ( 4mA) X max: 4095 (20mA) 4080 or 4095 depends of the impedance input of the inverter, or the gain frecuency, etc.
  8. This is an error I have seen from 2008. I have a lot of customers with the same error: If the application has a Date or Time variable when you download the application to the Jazz and had this error: (200) M90 Ladder Download Error in ParseOperand, sLine = Fecha y Hora Support said me this error was fixed in the version U90Ladder 6.0.5 and to overcome this probles I had to chage the Date&Time variable to List and back to desired Date&Time variable. I have now the 6.1.11 version and I see the error is not fixed.
  9. A customer of mine have the MJ10-22-CS35 usb-rs232 converter from Unitronics. the converter was working in Windows XP but now he have a new laptop with Windows 8 64 bits and the converter doesn't work. Do you know where to get the drivers for Windows 8? Is there anyone with Windows 8 and MJ10-22-CS35?
  10. Hello Thorolfur, welcome to the forum. Do you have a gateway DALI to MODBUS RS485? There will be a table in the gateway where you can see the operands to control from the PLC. For examples in modbus look on the HELP MENU -> EXAMPLES -> COMMUNICATIONS -> MODBUS
  11. After two years I wonder if anybody get to develope the M-BUS protocol with the FB PROTOCOL of Unitronics. I have some projects where the M-BUS/RS-232 converter is cheap but the M-BUS/modbus is very expensive.
  12. Well, I think SD card manager doesn't open UTR files, we need to convert from UTR to USD before. I would like open UTRs from SD without the tedious way to convert like I can do with .CSV now.
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