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  1. @Ravi - I generally don't write programs from scratch for people on the forum. My philosophy has always been you learn by doing. That said, I will generally help a user who's made an honest stab at making a program work by editing it for them. If you upload the program you're working on I and others on the forum will be happy to download it and have a look at your work. Make sure you tell us which version of Visilogic you're using. Joe T.
  2. Since the Great Hacking of 2023, Unitronics has decided that No or Default passwords are no longer permissible in their software. So anything released from here on out will require a password and to change any default passwords. Joe T.
  3. It could also be caused by transients from the contactor coils working their way into the I/O module backplane. Do you have RC snubbers across the coils? Joe T.
  4. @Cara Bereck Levy - can you allocate ORSO2001 some more space? Joe T.
  5. You can't add to the number of timers available but you can change the way you count time. What is the model of the PLC you have? Depending on the application, I often roll my own timers by incrementing an MI with a time pulse and using compare and reset numeric blocks on them. It takes up more program space, but you get a lot more control over what you do with the "timer" value. Joe T.
  6. Your picture shows a cable that should work, but I don't know for sure. You don't need to know the IP address for serial communication. Have a look at this topic. It shows the official Unitronics parts and what to do to set up serial communication. https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/communicating-using-rs232-cable-using-visilogic-software Joe T.
  7. Take a close look at that port. The V350 has an RJ45 port on it labelled "Expansion Port". It's not an Ethernet port. The Ethernet port is an optional expansion port which will be on the side. The serial port is the RJ12 port on the side and it is an RS232 port. The RS232-CB1 physically converts the RJ12 to a DB9 connector. Joe T.
  8. I'm assuming you somehow know the PLC is still running. You can access the screen through the serial port using the Unitronics Utility Remote Operator. If you have an Ethernet port on the PLC and you know the IP address you can access it that way as well. You will need a serial cable - part number RS232-CB1. If your computer doesn't have a serial port you will also need a USB to serial converter part number MJ10-22-CS35. The V350 does not have an onboard USB port. You can't upload the project from the PLC unless upload was enabled by the original programmer. Usually it isn't. You will need the the original .vlp file to download to a new PLC. Joe T.
  9. You are correct about the ridiculously slow frequency on regular PNP transistor outputs. I discovered this the hard way on a stepper motor application many years ago. Here's a post covering the difference between PNP and NPN - You need a Vision model with real high speed NPN outputs to do what you're trying to do. There will be a "TR" in the part number if it has this. That capability is one of the things Unitronics removed from the Samba series to make it lower cost. The Vision version of the Samba you chose is a V350-J-TR20. This model has the high speed outputs. Joe T.
  10. It should have put a link on your Desktop to the old version. Otherwise, create your own shortcut to the old version directory to the Unitronics.Shell.UI.exe program. Joe T.
  11. Step 1 - clarify the exact protocol. Is it "Ethernet/IP" (Allen Bradley) or Modbus TCP? The SM70 can do Modbus TCP. It does not support Ethernet/IP - for that you'll need a protocol converter or upgrade to a UniStream. Joe T.
  12. Not too hard. You could increment a register with a one second pulse and write it to the SD card on a negative transition of the input. Then reset it and start counting again on the next positive transition of the input. Have you already started a program to try this? If so, please upload it so we can see what you're doing. Joe T.
  13. I intentionally used that word and I was actually ready for PC blowback, as PC is one of my highest irritations. I have whole rants on the words "appropriate" and "offensive". To your point, here's the definition for you that applies to this situation- The Modbus configuration on this device caused a delay in my progress. Good thing I didn't try to ask it it's pronouns. Joe T.
  14. @NoamM, @Cara Bereck Levy <rant> Daresay, there's an error in the Help on this block. And on the floating tooltip, too. 😪 The "Modbus" device I am reading data from is retarded and has the byte order backwards on regular old integers. I need to read a block of four holding registers and swap the bytes so the numbers make sense. My input block is an array of 4 UINT 16s. I just spent an hour trying to figure out why the output array contained all 0s. The Help on the Swap Bytes Extended block states Parameter "D" is "Sets the number of bytes to be swapped". I know what a byte is. So like a good little data type rule follower I set parameter D to 8. Four UINT 16s is 8 bytes. The correct and working answer is actually 4 for this application. It's not the number of bytes, it's the number of array elements. NoamM alludes to this in his above post when he says D is "size", but that's not specific enough. So once again, people, the correct word for Parameter D is "Elements". </rant> Joe T.
  15. The model is a USP-156-B10. We did it using a USB flash drive. We had other things to do so we let it keep flashing. The update took an hour, but it did finish. This was from version 1.32.98 to 1.34.195. Should we have done an interim update to 1.33? Joe T.
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