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  1. Good day, Started new project with V350-35-TU24. Opened my last used application (made with v8.6) made some changes (with v9.3) and when tried to open hardware configuration, popped up error message: TU24 not in a list (capture current screen...) What should i do? I can't open this project with v8.6 anymore..
  2. Hello, Could someone share or advice me where I could get (or buy) an image library for my v570 HMI? The one that comes with VisiLogic is not enough for my application.. Thank you!
  3. Hi, On power up all nets are executed. SB2 means that you'll have it ON just for the first (one) cycle.
  4. Hello again, Just received a reply from manufacturer - under RS232 port is the same M-bus protocol (EN1434).
  5. Hi, Joe, The heatmeter is made by aour local manufacturer. It comes with communication module M-bus/RS232/CL one of which is selected by jumper settings. So if I select RS232, then I can connect it directly to PLC or PC. Today I asked them what protocol goes under RS232 port (as Emil wrote). I'll write when get reply. Thank you!
  6. Hi, Ofir, M-Bus (Meter-Bus) is a European standart (EN 13757-2 physical and link layer, EN 13757-3 application layer) for the remote reading of gas, heat, electricity or other meters.
  7. C'mon guys.. I'm not asking for solution, just a clue to start from..
  8. Good day, Having spare time, so desided to play with PLC (v350). I have a heat meter on my desk. It communicates through M-Bus protocol and there are 3 ways to choose connection type: M-Bus, RS232 and CL. I think I could connect heat meter directly to PLC (without any M-bus or CL converters) with RS232 cable. The question is how to implement data exchange between those devices? Try to implement M-Bus protocol with Visio's FB protocol? Maybe someone had such a project and can share suggestions about this. Thank you!
  9. Good day, everybody! I have a question about ModBus RTU: how about ModBus RTU connection - is there any way to keep it "alive"? I mean if we have master-slave connection and for example one of them (due to some reasons: power failure, system error or else) goes "offline", how this connection establishes? This happens automatically when we reset unit (bring it to normal state) or do we need to use some program function to establish connection? Thank you!
  10. Hi, I wrote yesterday, but for some reason it wasn't posted.. I use no crossover cable, there's no switch (I connect PLC and SAPHIR directly). Cable length is about 2-3m. The IP settings I made according to building's, where the ventilation system belongs to. Now we connect to SAPHIR through web browser to manufacturer's webscada and it works fine. In SAPHIR's menu there's no setting like slave address. I connected through USB port using SIEMENS software SAPHIR SCOPE (for configuring ventilation controllers) but there's no such setting too. So there is possibility, that I'm using wrong ID number. And if we set PLC name (master) , how it is with slave's name? Maybe wrong slave's name is the reason?
  11. Hi, Damian, The IP settings we use according to building's network, because now we connected ventilation units to scada system using tcp port and manufacturer's webscada (through web browser). All this works fine.. But I still tried to connect to unit with V570, without any results. Cable isn't crossover and there is no switch. Ping goes fine. There's no way (no setting in controllers menu) to set slaves address. No word about it in documentation. I connected to SAPHIR through USB port with SIEMENS software called SAPHIRSCOPE, where all settings can be configured too. But there's too no such setting (I mean slave address). So, with connection to this unit it is still open question. I'll try once again to figure it out as soon I'll be in object..
  12. Hi, Ofir, I read this on help file, but I just want to make sure. We have a slave PLC (v570) connected through Ethernet card to remot PC. A couple times there was such thing, that PLC was not responding - we could ping IP from PC, but we get no data. From PLC side, the SI147=6, but values SDW16 and SDW20 were not changing. SB's and SI's showed no error. Then we unplugged Ethernet cable and plugged back, and everything's gone fine again. So the meaning of that question was: can we use it on slave devices to establish connection with master PC?
  13. Thank you, Emil, We already done this, works perfect! Could you explain more about SI105(keep alive) and SI109 (connection keep)? If I understand correctly, when there's no traffic in SDW16and SDW20 (socket 2) for a period of time defined, then PLC reinits TCP connection?
  14. Hi, Emil, Thanks for reply. And if we connecting to InTouch directly (without OPC server). Do we need ScanEx block?
  15. Hi, Damian, Thanks for bearing with me:) I done all settings like you suggested. I posted screenshot of modified code. I tried to set slave address to 1 and some other values like 2,3,4 and etc. No result. I connect v350 and controller directly. Cable is straight (not crossover).
  16. Hi, Emil and Damian, Now I can give you some feedback, tried today and will try tomorrow, because it was no good.. As Emil suggested, I changed socket 2 to master and tried to connect to IP of SAPHIR - no result.. I tried initialize socket 2 to local port 502 and connect to remote port 502, then I tried to initialize socket 2 to local port 20256 then to 20257 and connect to remote port 502. None of them worked.. As Damian questioned, here are answers; I can ping and connect to Vision 350, i can ping and connect through browser to SAPHIR. When I connect devices with cable, SB141 and SB142 are ON. SB151 - ON, SB167 - 0, SB168 - 1, SI147 - 0. Tried (as shown in MODBUS TCP example) to change to socket 3, but the same results... No idea what's wrong.. P.S. Maybe someone could suggest what is the best tool to check Modbus TCP connection from PC?
  17. Good evening, I have a question: we are connecting to PC with InTouch SCADA a PLC through Ethernet card (TCP/IP). It is clear with OPC server settings and variables addressing, but question is: when we initializing Ethernet card, we set PLC name, addresses and TCP IP configuration. Do we need to add ScanEX block (as we do with TCP/IP slaves)? Thank you very much!
  18. Thank you a lot:) It was silly ot to use full size editor:) So here's the snippet of the code I used to connect to SAPHIR. Maybe I do something wrong?
  19. Sorry, tried to attach picture of my code with settings, but failed.. Maybe someone could help me to figure it out: how to attach picture to a message?
  20. As I said, I already tried it (with all sockets). Here's the settings I use - maybe I do something wrong? My link
  21. Yes, I can ping Vision Yes, I can connect and see Vision from VisiLogic via TCP (port 20256)
  22. Hello, Emil, I'm sorry - it's not SYNCO, but SAPHIR (POL63) controller (siemens).. It's used with VENTUS ventilation systems. Yes, I can ping ventilation controller from PC. Controller parameters: Type of connection 10/100Mbit (IEEE 802.3U) Protocol Modbus TCP/IP Type Server Port 502 DHCP mode disabled That's all I can say for now.. There's no way to check if the listen mode is set or reset, because there's no such option in HMI comm menu.. The controller has webscada and it works fine, when we connect from PC through web broxser by set IP address. But I can't connect to controller from PLC..
  23. Hello, everybody! Has anyone tried to make data connection between SIEMNS SYNCO 700 (ventilation controller) and V570 via MODBUS TCP/IP? I was trying all day, but could'nt figure it out how to connect: set IP adresses manually and other settings, but socket did'nt initialized (tried all of them). Maybe someone had similar system and could share his opinion abot it? Thank you!
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