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  1. Since my last post was not approved apparently, I`m trying my luck again. I`ve cleaned program, deleted nets which was not used anymore (test nets etc.) and after few days it looks like it`s working good. I can`t explain you why, but it`s working and that`s important for me I`m now fighting with the very last thing I have to do with my project and I started new topic on forum since I think that it could help others too. http://forum.unitronics.com/topic/4124-basics-of-modbus-communication-via-rs485/ Feel free to join the discussion. Thanks everyone for the inputs! Martin P.
  2. Hello again, since your answers are very helpful and I could not find information I need on this forum, I`m starting new topic. I need to set up communication between V280 and multimeter DMK 22 by Lovato. Here is the tutorial they sent me: https://www.sendspace.com/file/trigbh(file is too big to be attached here on forum) I have several problems with understanding the whole communication. I have working MODBUS IP communication between PLC-to-PLC, where the communication is done through MODBUS R/W Mix, which I understand how it`s done. Here I need to get from the slave multimeter 3 values. First question: How do I send message to slave? The message should looke like this: 08 04 04 00 00 00 64 63 6A, do I have to send it as vector of HEX MIs? And the message I get back from slave will be vector too? If you don`t mind to explain this a little bit detailed including a little tutorial how to set it up correctly in VisiLogic, I`d be very happy. I have to solve this in 2 days. Thanks in advance a lot! Unitronics community is great and I will surely write it down to my thesis and recommend you. Best regards, Martin P.
  3. Oh my god. Forget the problem with time. I find out the UTC to RTC will do everything I desire! OK, we are back to SB 13 problem
  4. Sorry for not responding for 2 days, I've been busy with other parts of my project I had to solve preferably. Yes indeed, then I can state that I'm learning the fastest way possible I've checked what you said about the SB 13, still nothing. I need your advice in another thing what have the highest priority for me at this moment. I'm displaying trend where is shown produced power from solar panels in last 24 hours. I'm having problem with "time axis". As I refered before, I have time stored in one DW. I need to get out of it what hour is at this exact moment. I want to have the X axis chopped on hours. For example, when it's 4pm, point before will be showing 3pm, then 2pm and so on. Calculations of the axis won't be problem. But I can't figure out how can I get exact hour number from the DW. Any suggestions? Much thanks in advance! Martin P.
  5. Thanks, I did not know. This is my first use of PLCs and ladder logic completly. I'm sure that I'm doing more mistakes. I've already tried increment unused MI on SB 13. Vectors should not be in range of MIs/DWs i'm using to increment. But I will check both again tomorrow morning (it's midnight here in Czech Republic). I will leave you message here after further investigation in the morning. Thanks again for trying to solve this with me.
  6. Thanks to all for the input! First, the positive transition contact was a mistake. I was using classic direct contact since beginning. But because it doesn't work as expected, I've tried everything that came to my mind. to:Flex727 "Sometimes this, sometimes that". Yes it's true, but it's only because I'm trying variations that came to my mind when something is not working for me. So that's why I'm having there inconsistencies. Unfortunatly it doesn't work either. And about that rung 2 of subroutine Trendy-24h I know. Another part of me trying to solve things. When I want to try something else, i rather disconnect it then delete the whole thing so I can reconnect it later. All 8 instances are doing the same thing. It's all about the SB 13. It just starts flashing for few seconds and the pulses are like 50 per second, not 1 pulse per second as it should do. Best regards, Martin P.
  7. Hello, first please accept my apology for my bad english. I`m using SB 13, which should do a pulse everytime SB 3 rises (every second). I`m increasing value by INC function block by positive transition contact of SB 13. Works well for like a minute and then it starts increasing around 50 values per second. It lasts for around 5 seconds and then it goes back to normal. When I`m watching online test and this situation happen, the ---[P]--- of SB 13 starts flashing a lot. Joining my VisiLogic project. (there are unconnected nets and timers, please, don`t give it attention) Thanks in advance for quick reply. Best regards, Martin Půta V280-2016_15_5 (1).vlp
  8. Thanks for your reply! First of all, I have a big question. Are you, or someone from Unitronics, providing service like "real time chat" ? I have more questions and time pushes me into corner. It would help me a lot, really. I don't want to disturb anyone but I'm in really bad time situation now. Thanks for your reply again!
  9. Hello, I'm just wondering what is the best way to log some informations. I will need following: Login/logout, battery low - switched to charging mode and so on. I will need to have separate display and the log should have time and thing that happened. It will probably have to be in table because it suppose to have "history" feature, like you can list back in time and see what happened. I've been searching for answers in help feature, but i still don't know how exactly do it. Any advices are greatly welcome! Sorry for my bad english. Best regards, Martin P.
  10. Hello, First I would like to apologize for my bad english. I'm working on program which is completely controlling system of solar panels, as a diploma work. I've got few problems but this one makes me sad. I can't figure out, how to correctly setup real time clock. I've tried examples in visilogic directory, searched the whole help at the program but after 2 days, still can't make it work. The best way possible for me would be having DW with real time information about time, such as DD.MM.YY and HH.MM.SS ... If it's even possible, because, I'm having many operations which will need to write time when it happened and only one DW with time would save me much space in ladder. But, I will be satisfied with any other working option. I've found SI30-36 but they are read only, so I can't use them to write there down todays time. Since I'm still beginner with ladder programming, can someone please give me an advice? I'm really desperate. I will give more information, if needed. Just leave me here a message. Thanks in advance for help. Best regards Martin P. EDIT: I may find a way but I can't figure out how to increase DW by 1. It increasing something but more then it should, like 50 per sec. Is there way to do it? Thanks again!
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