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Hello Everyone,

I had problems using V700 - V200-18-E46B. The terms of use and the errors I encountered are as follows:

There are 7 contactors 230V AC in the system panel. 4 units of 5.5kW and 3 units of 7.5 kW.



O.S. (Stop Mode - Fatal Error) 

Enum: 0x00000801

IP: 0x00344704  00344566

Ldr: 0x000000F7

Desc: Illegal Word Operand Access


O.S. (Stop Mode - Fatal Error) 

Enum: 0x00000801

IP: 0x00340B00  00343B06

Ldr: 0x0000001B

Desc: Undefined Opcode


O.S. (Stop Mode - Fatal Error) 

Enum: 0x00000801

IP: 0x000F3FFF  00353B92

Ldr: 0x00000015

Desc: Illegal Instruction Access


By performing a reset of the equipment, the problem is solved momentarily. However, this is an undesirable situation as it poses a risk for our production.





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