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I have V230 plc and use Visilogic soft.In a existing project I made a small modification and when I want to download to PLC have option:simple "download" 

or "stop-download-run" or "stop-download-reset".Which of this option I need ,If later possible upload project?


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Hi Igor;

( expansion of Flex's Post)

V230 is an older  Unitroncis PLC  product.

Simple Answer :      Stop - Download - Run  -  best option,  take machine off line first, then   do the stop-download-run   then put machine online to test and run.

                                         Stop-Download-reset   -  Stops the PLC program, Takes the download, and restarts the PLC as if is is being powered up.

                                         Download       --    downloads in the background  and if necessary will stop and then run.

                                        Depending on the modifications,  VisiLogic may decide to do the reset.


Upload   -- V230 being an older product,   Program Upload is only restricted by a Program Password.     

                               No Password - Program is uploadable

                              Password protected - upload will ask for the password.   Do not know the password ?   - not uploadable


Some consideratons :

       How old is the PLC?   What is the condition of the internal Battery?   ( info Mode   SB8  ( System Bit 8 )    Battery  1= LOW  - needs changing.

       Since Battery is inside the PLC,  Best to Back Up Memory  before doing  -

                                    - Changing Battery with Power OFF will clear memory and changed  from default settings  - like timers and MI's  (counters)

                                      - VisiLogic   - Connection -   Export Operands to Text File    ( or Binary File),   Import back after battery is changed.

   VisiLogic - What version are you using ?   an older version from when the PLC was installed ?   You will probably be OK.

              A Newer Version  used to edit the program will force you to upgrade the OS in the PLC to be compatible with the newer version of VisiLogic.



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