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Operational Rights

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Hello, all!

I recently got a request from a customer using a Unistream PLC for water treatment. He asked me if it was possible for different "users" to be given different operational rights - for instance, lower-level techs could view the screens, but could not change any values, whereas managers would be able to access and edit more sensitive information on the system. I understand that on SCADA server apps like InductionAutomation, these features come pre-packaged with the software. I was wondering if a similar feature existed in the Unilogic development software, or if I would have to create this from the ground-up. Thank you in advance!

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This is built in to UniStream, and it's fairly straightforward.  Search the Help for "User" and it's the first topic.

If you want to play around with an empty program and post your work here we'd be happy to help.

Joe T.

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