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I can no longer download to the V570 via ethernet only via COM1. With 9.4.0, at the beginning happened once in a while and now I can no longer download the program in any way for LAN, I have to connect the serial network. I get notifications that communication fell after "Build info DLUs tables." The remote operator, online test from visilogic, webserver, Modbus, and other communication protocols are normal. I already sent the data to support and am waiting for support.

Somebody had something similar, or any thoughts?


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I have a couple of suggestions that may get you moving again, even if they do not idenitify the root cause.

1. Download a new, blank project to the PLC

2. Download a simple project that only contains the Ethernet initialisation, and see if that allows you to communicate over ethernet

3. Get an SD card and transfer the project to SD card then use that to load the project onto the PLC. Your file size of 50MB may be causing problems for the download process. Using SD card will also be much faster.

It must take a long time to download that file via serial port...

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The problem only happens in the download of the program, the communication is just interrupted and then it is generated a mistake report that the own Visilogic asks to send for the unitronics support.

We are not changing anything else in any other remote V570 with fear of be without getting to update these also. For the time being they are alone three customers that we didn't get more to assist remotely and we have to go until there.

I don't also know why the program needs to be of this size, however it should be something necessary.

Some people of the forum are thinking our problem is of communication, but it is download problem after the last versin it being installed. Somebody knows if it is possible to return to the visilogic 9.3.0 and yours corresponding OS, or to install her again?

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You can uninstall 9.4.0 delete the folders of Visilogic and CommonFiles/Unitronics/ and install 9.3.0 then you will able to download the old OS and try.

Anyway I am not having problems of download with this new version (no more than the others)

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