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.UR2 file creation method is unclear

Joe Tauser

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  • MVP 2023

I had a customer ask about how to make the .ur2 file needed for remote operator to work. Unfortunately, it is not clear in the Help that you MUST import the .urc file created by Visilogic to make the .ur2 file in Remote Operator. It took me a bit to figure it out. So for the rest of you in Unitronicsland, here is the procedure:

1. You need to name the PLC using the PLC Name function even if you're only doing serial communication.

2. In Visilogic, create the .urc file: Project->Create Project Files: Clone, .vdf, .dvi, .ura and .urc.

3. Select the HMI Displays tab and click "Create File". Name it whatever you want; it will make a .urc "Remote Access" file. This is where I initially got confused.

4. Start Remote Operator and define the PLC communications as described in the Remote Operator Help. Note that you have to specify the communication parameters AND the PLC name.

5. In Remote Operator, click the Cache File Button and then Import Cache file. Now you can choose the .urc file you created in Step 3.

6. Go to the top bar in Remote Operator and choose "Save". It will create the .ur2 file you were originally looking for to start the session.

If you're connected to the PLC, click "Run" in Remote Operator to make sure it works.

Joe T.

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You don't need a .urc or anything in order to create a ur2 file. You can just start Remote Operator, add several PLCs on the left side bar, configure their communications settings and save.

.ur2 file is only used if you want to save the configuration you just created for future use.

(This way you can create several configurations for different PLCs).

You are right about that the serial port also require PLC Name (altough you can supply the value on SDW 9... I think it is 9. which is the default PLC name if none was defined). Jazz and U90 PLCs will not require PLC Name since they don't have one.

You can contact our support and raise a feature request to remove the need for PLC name on serial port connections.

.urc files are also not a must. Remote Operator (or Remote Access) can work without it, but in a case of a missing urc file, then you will not see images (You will see a red x instead), and some fonts might look bad (because it will use the fonts on your Windows).

Furthermore, you can also create the .urc file from the PLC itself (just like in Remote Access): On the "Remote PLC" windows (where the communication settings are) there is a small icon of a Jpeg. The tooltip says "Cache File".

If you click on it, then you have "Create cache file from plc".

Then, after you select it's name and click "Next" several times, it should create the urc file from the plc itself.

You don't need to import the .urc file everytime you load remote operator. urc files are cached in Remote Operator folder, and if you connect to an Enhanced Color Vision PLC, then it will search for a matching urc file (even one you got from a different PLC) with a matching pictures and fonts and if it finds one then it iwll use it.

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  • MVP 2023

In this particular case my customer needed a file to give to the end user so they could use Remote Operator and not have to jump through hoops to create the file in the field. The end user is a park director and the PLC is controlling one of their fountains; they have no idea as to what's going on under the hood and don't want to.

We want to make our product look powerful and easy to use to the PLC illiterate- in many cases they are the source of our funding. Sending them a file and telling them to open it is much cleaner.

Joe T.

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