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Adding Images to Posts


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Is it just me, or does every one else find the process of adding images to their posts unintuitive, cumbersome, confusing, and to a certain degree such a pain that you become reluctant to even bother?

It seems like every time I have to post an image it take me 5+ minutes to figure it all out again. You have to go through a series of windows and jump through several hoops to make it happen.


Why are .bmp banned? That is practically the most benign file type there is. Are you forcing everyone to use compressed formats?

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I know--it's a PITA. I can't do anything about it though--that's what the forum offers, and the image posting is pretty the same on other forums I use (maybe they all happen to be InVision forums...)

The default setting in the forum blocks.bmp for the reason you mention.

I have just allowed them--we'll see how it goes. If people upload eighty bazillion .bmps and choke my server, I'll have to reinstate their outlaw status.

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Perhaps I am just not doing something right.

For example, on PLCs.net, when I want to add a picture I..............

Select insert image

Select browse

Find and select my image

Hit upload and I'm done

Here I have to leave the post I am in the process of generating to go to the gallery.

Then I have to find my personal Gallery.

Then I have to hit upload.

Then I have to hit browse.

Then I have to find and select my file.

Then I have to hit review and publish.

Then I have to type in some sort of name and description.

Then I have to hit Finish and Publish

Then I have to go hunt down that graphic in my gallery.

Then I have to select "Options"

Then I have to select "Share Links"

Then I have to copy the image link to my clipboard.

Then I have to return to my original post

Then I have to select "Insert Image"

Then I have to paste the image link.

Please tell me I'm just doing it wrong and that there is a kinder, simpler way.

At least now I can reference this post when I need to remember how to do it. :)

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Hi Simon,

That was the way I used to do it back when the new forum came to be. But the attachements count against your upload quota and I was in a short time unable to upload anything anymore. I had to beg Cara to up my quota, you know..... on my hands and knees groveling and all that. I was then given the understanding that "pictures" were meant to go through the Gallery and that attachments were only meant to attach programs.

It seems like the real issue may be the Quota itself. All the other sites I use give you a quota, but it is refreshed periodically, whereas it seems as though here it is permanent.


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Damian dude--I didn't realize that was the problem.

You've got more space now. Some people don't ever upload anything, so really there is no reason why, in my capacity as Forum Goddess, that I can't grant you extra--squeaky wheel and all that :ph34r:

(now that is a smiley I don't get at all--wait does it mean I'm an invisible ninja? I'd be cool with that...I have about 10 hours of kitchen slog coming up..holidays start Sunday...I'm pretty sure that invisible ninjas are exempt from cooking)

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