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Linearisation of analogue output

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I have successfully set up my V570 to give a 4-20 mamp output that relates to my pressure transmitter input of a range of 0-4.35 psi (4 mamp = 0 psi, 20mamp = 4.35 psi)

In another part of my process, I need to change this linear output so that 0.5 psi = 20mamp. Can anyone tell me how to successfully do this? When I have tried to re-linearise the output, I am still getting the original output values even though I have linked the new, linearised MI to the output.


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Certainly the suggestion to send to support is a good one.

It sounds like something simple, like the wrong MI, or you have used an MI for the X1,Y1,X2,Y2 values when you intended to use a constant value.

Also, for decimal values, make sure you take into account the scaling factor. For example if you have scaled in hundredths, the 0.5psi value would be entered as 50.

You could also try setting up a very simple project starting from scratch, just with the linear block in it, so you eliminate other distractions and possible factors.

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