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I am using V350-35-T2 PLC.

Things I Did:

Go to infomode --> entered password

--> Entered into infomode --> chose working mode tab --> Chose exit to boot --> checked the parameters and versions

Then to return to OS again

--> pressed the screen to go to info mode --> and while entering the password it hangs and remain stand still.

To make it work again i have to power OFF the PLC and ON. So that it comes to OS mode.

I have reinstalled the OS/ boot. But the problem doesn't seems to be rectified.


Why is it happening? (have anyone faced this before)

As I didn't face this problem before, I don't know whether it is a problem or not.

Does it cause any other issues in future? (like application lose, Memory content holding etc.,)

Thanks in advance.

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  • MVP 2023

I've locked up a V350 before. Read the Help on "Bootstrap" to get the V350 into a mode where you can download the boot, O/S, and BIN files. Per the instructions, you'll have to tap the screen twice after it enters Bootstrap mode to get it to stay there so you can update the files.

Let me know.

Joe T.

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Dear Mr.Joe,

I have entered into the bootstrap mode and downloaded the boot, O/S, and BIN files. If i tried to enter OS mode, It hung at the password entering screen. And the PLC works after physical reset only.

Is it a problem or does it make any unexpected issues in future?

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