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Analog outputs

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I’m trying to programJazz JZ-11-UA24 , and want to activate an analogoutput +10v from controller keypad.

I have tried to store a value #8192 into the MI100 which is connected toanalog output, but it doesn’t take any effect.

Can anyone show a programexample, for me ?



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Hi Aleksei,

Please note that the output range is from -4095 to 4096, where -4095 yields -10v and 4096 yields 10v.

Verify that you configured the hardware correctly.

Check if you can store values from On-Line mode.

I read the spec sheet on the JZ-11-UA24 before I replied and came to the same conclusion that Aleksei did. The documentation needs to say something like +/- 4095 = +/- 10V.

I took the liberty of updating the pdf and attaching it to this post. The changes are on page 4. Please have Cara review it and put it on the website.

By the way, what's this 500K global upload quota? When does it get reset?

Joe T.


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