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EX-RC1 Connection problem *factory program visilogic error*

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I just got the first glimps at the EX-RC1. Shure the first thing I did was upload the factory-installed program and took a look at that. That's where the error came.

Right before finishing upload from EX-RC1 Visilogic 9.5 gives me an error "Warning 202 - This operation will not be completed due to Compilation errors."
Compile gives me error 66 in subr. IN net 6: "Before UniCAN Send, High Priority, Use -|\|- of SB 201. Before Low Priority use -|\|- of SB 202."


Now program being made in VisiLogic 7.0.1 (gives me warning during upload about it) It tought it might have something to do with that. Still - I'm a little in a hurry
wich means I'm trying to get my job done relying on Unitronics team and their factory-installed program.

Since I have to configure analogue I/O 's I have to know if the program I'm downloading with the new HW configurations IS the correct, full and working program.

Thank you all for your help!

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Thank you for your answer!

So far so good. When I got to the factory where I'm implementing EX-RC1 I had a long and frustrating day. Can someone help in following:

There seems to be no information about EX-RC1 programming and using with OPLC.

I'm using V1040 and trying to communicate with EX-RC1 with has one digital and one analogue module connected to it. I'm using 4x1.5 shielded cable in lenght about 200 meters (about 660 ft) for communication.
In visilogic CANBus network check didn't show me the other part of the canbus - checking from OPLC side it showed me only ID1 witch is the ID of the OPLC - on the EX-RC1 side it gave me ID2 as only available machine witch is the ID of EX-RC1.

What could be the problem?

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  • MVP 2014

Firstly, the best resource for Ex-RC1 programming is the following webinar:




Double-check your CAN Cable connections.  Check the Power supply to the CAN cable, it should only be connected to the power supply at one end.


You say the cable is 4x1.5  - is that a dual twisted pair cable?  Just a 4-conductor all-over shielded cable is not good enough.  The longer the cable, the more issue that is.  Ideally you should be using "Thick" Devicenet cable.

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Hy again, 

Thank You for the little hint to check out the webinars section - full of great information.

Abut the problem: Yesterday I went on the site again and wasn't able to connect the devices thru unican so we wen't and did the only thing we could think of. We took down the EX-RC1 and took it next to the V1040 - connected unican with same sort of shielded 4x0.5 cable in total lenght of about 2m (6.5ft) and tested thed canbus network with unican at speeds of 20kb. Connection failure!

Now I'm puzzled. We have tried absolutely everything we could think of.

Any help whatsoever is greatly appreciated!

Roman, Estonia.

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