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Hooking up to 14 devices in modbus


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I love that I can now connect to more than 4 simultaneous devices on modbus TCP!  But I also have a project coming up where I would need to hook into, say, 14 of them. As such, what is the firm-and-fast, not-to-exceed number of modbus devices I can connect to simultaneously on TCP?




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I've never gotten an answer to the question as to why the Vision PLCs were limited to 4 simultaneous connection (4 available sockets). Is it hardware or software? And since it was so definitive with the Vision PLCs, why don't you have a definitive answer with the UniLogic PLCs?

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In the future we will add the option to copy slave and have HMI variable that the user will be able to enter the slave ID/IP.

Currently for each slave you configure in UniLogic, in its properties you can find a parameter "Active" - you can link a bit to this parameter and then you can disable/enable a specific slave.

You can also set "Active" bit for each one of the MODBUS commands.

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