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UniLogic software and Vision


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I participated in yesterday's Webinar on intro to UniLogic software. Holy cow is that an improvement over VisiLogic! I understand that this programming software cannot be used for the Vision products, but I wonder if it really is that difficult to include a compiler for Vision products or is this a marketing decision to encourage adoption of the new product line? Our company has a solid platform using Vision and moving to the new line is probably not in the cards for now, but I sure would like to be programming in UniLogic.


Anyway, I would like to congratulate you on the development of UniLogic. It really looks like you managed to incorporate most of your customer requests for updates to VisiLogic.

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Just from what I've done so far, the new platform is light-years beyond Visilogic.  It takes real "getting used to", and that's where I'm at with it, exploring capabilities, importing my favorite tricks and such.


To directly answer your question - I don't see how UniLogic could be backported to the Vision series.  Just as a single proof, look at the difference in Modbus TCP - controlled at the OS level, configured-not-coded, and theoretically no upper limit to the number of simultaneous connections (the Creators recommend 32, that's the most they've tried in-house).


That right there makes it entirely incompatible with Vision.  Heck, the Modbus FBs don't even exist in the new platform - it's all automated.

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Guys, I have one PC at home that runs Vista--don't get me started  :P


Tim is exactly right regarding VisiLogic.


We believe that Vision and VisiLogic are great products that fit many requirements for many applications with a good price/performance ratio. The products will still have features added according to market requests, but they are fairly mature.


Flex, I hear you--basically, your request amounts to a re-engineering of VisiLogic so that you'd have the fast programming, tag addressing, UDFBs, etc, correct? I'll put in your request, but...well, this is a enormous task; so I dunno... :mellow:

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Yes, Cara, I know re-engineering VisiLogic is not really feasible. That's why I was a little hopeful that it might be easier to just create a vision compiler for UniLogics. Sure, compilers aren't easy as pie, but people create compilers for multiple platforms all the time. Makes no difference, I said this many times before, Unitronics has the best PLC programming environment in the business - I wish everything in my life worked as well.

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