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UniStream Memory


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What sort of limitations are there on the tags and data tables on the UniStream platform in regards to memory?  For the V1040 we have 120k for the data tables.  With UniSteam I understand that memory is allocated dynamically rather than having a fixed memory pool for data tables but I can't see any way of determining what sort of resources have be allocated in a application and how much is remaining.  I don't want to go down the road of developing a memory intensive application and suddenly hit a brick way when I run out of resources.  Can someone please explain how I can check this.

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UniStream memory capacity is:


Operand memory: 1MB

Retained memory: 256K.


Note that the Data Table is made up of STRUCTS (which are operands) and therefore they share the above specified memory space.


Note that the size of the allocated memory space for operands in UniStream is by far much larger than the one offered by the Vision; Thus, any project that fit Vision will easily fit UniStream.

Also, local operands used in UDFBs don't count.


If you think you have a project that might exceed the memory capacity, please contact Support in the planning stages.

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It will be very useful indeed, Unilogic to have some project Memory Map (like VisiLogic), in order user to have control of used memory in application that he build.

In my case, I reached the moment, when I received the message for full memory, and I must reconstruct many things in order to fit in limitation.

If I had this Memory Map before, I could develop things more cleverly.



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Dear Gugulanov,


i don't know how Visiolig works, but, in Unilogic, if I well understood, after you done the "compile" action in the botom tools bar, if you select "output" you will have a count list of all used elements in the project and a count of retained and non retained Bytes...



Output Bytes

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Those 256KBs are for retained tags, and there are also 2MBs for non-retained tags.

The panel has it's own memory (RAM and local storage), where the local storage is with an internal SD Card (so you have plenty of room for images), and if you add an external SD (insert it to the SD Card slot), then you can also place large objects like Videos, PDFs, etc, and also use features that require SD (like saving SD to SD, Trends etc).


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