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Hi guys,


I'm using Vision 130 PLC- V133-33-T38.


When I'm using in the logic timers (for ex. TD), when I excite the timer, the time is not elapsing.

I have created a coil itself...not working, then coil and contact...not working.

I'm using simple network (for ex. when MB30 is 1, start TD4 (TD is set to time 10sec)). When time elapsed activate MB31. Simple as that.


Does anyone has an idea why this is not working?



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Hi Alexander,


yes the coil of the time is called up in the same subrutine and yes MB30 is active all the time...It is very simple network and created, MB30 (set) as active- to activate the coil of a timer. When I set MB30 to ON, the network is active to the coil of the timer, but than I can't see that the time of the timer is counting (you know what I mean- when is 10 sec and the coil is active, it starts counting 9,8,7...1 and the contact of the same time should be active).

I have an experience whit programming PLCs, but this is my first time with Unitronics:)

What should I do? Any ideas?



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It should be counting down as soon as the MB30 contact powering the TD timer is active. Is MB 30 accidentally set up as a coil instead of a contact? All contacts are used as inputs, and coils are used as outputs. If it it set up another way this could be why it is not working as you expect. The TD coil needs to remain powered and count down to 0 before the corresponding contact linked to the TD timer will become active.


The nets should look like the following with the first net to power the timer, and the second to utilize the timers bit once active.


MB 30     TD

-|   |-------(   )-



-|   |-


We also have a helpful webinar on using and creating timers within the logic that I would recommend.



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  • MVP 2023

Rest assured the Timer function works properly in Unitronics PLCs and software, though it's a bit different than other popular PLC programming software. When I'm troubleshooting this type of problem here is what I do:


1) Confirm the subroutine with the Timer Coil is being called by the Main Routine.

2) Confirm the activating contact is actually ON (and stays ON). Go online with the PLC and check that the MB is SET.

3) Confirm that only one instance of the Timer Coil exists. Right click on the description box and select Find.

4) Confirm the Timer value while online with the PLC by clicking on either a Timer contact or coil.


If you do all this and the timer is still not working properly, post the code here and someone will look at it.

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