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Blurred/Fuzzy Images on V1040 Screen

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I've had something similar happen on several occasions. The following procedure has fixed it for me:


1) Download a blank project to the PLC.

2) Initialize and Reset the PLC.

3) Download your project.


It seems that somehow the memory space for the images can get corrupted. Downloading a blank project clears that out and then when you download your actual project all will be well.

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Such problem may related to project that has been written in older version then the current version (V9.5.0).

I manage to download the project to my PLC and it looks OK.

To solve the problem please refer to the steps below.

  1. Download the latest system files (O/S V3.7.0,  BinLib, BOOT) via COM port RS232 115200 baud rate 1.5sec time out
  2. Download a blank application
  3. initialize & reset  the PLC
  4. Open your project and restore the system images (click on system images icon left to the alarm configuration icon)
  5. Perform build all from "build" menu
  6. Download all & Burn

i hope it helps...

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