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Hello everyone,

I'm new on this forum. Yes I made many searches and found nothing.

I have a project with V350-35-TA24 and I have to remove all the direct references to I/Os and replace them with MBs, so that I can do the I/O mapping.


Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you.

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thank you for your respond.This will help me a lot.

My other thing is, that my client wants from me to have the possibility to change offline, without connecting to PLC, the MB pointer to I/Os.

So basicaly, if he is changing the wiring, he enters in one of the HMI screen and puts the new input/output to the MB.

I dont know if you understand?

Thank you,

Boros Csaba

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The operands assigned to the inputs and outputs are automatically mapped as I/O modules are added. Each digital input or relay/transistor output within the program is assigned to an I or O operand respectively and do not get directly linked to a MB. The first 32 I/O points are assigned for Snap-In modules and the rest are assigned as modules are added to a local adapter. A MB can be assigned to interact with an input or output, but this will need to be programmed within the logic.


Only MI values are assigned to I/O points for analog values, however these also need to be changed within the program and can not be modified without downloading the program.

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You could make some MB arrays connected to an HMI screen and use an indirect pointer to set bits in MI's that are then broken back out to MB's and mapped to I/O points.


In other words, it's possible but not without some very convoluted logic.  A PLC was never intended to have super-flexible user-configurable I/O mapping - that kind of flies in the face of what most people use PLC's for.  


If you really need this functionality you may want to look at a PC-based technology and a different programming language where you can define the I/O in a config file and re-map it on the fly or with a restart of the program.


Joe T.

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yhank you for your answears.

I'm doing like this: I have MB for every Input (18 :) ) after than I have a screen were I write in for every MB (18) a value from 0to 17 to know wich MB will be the respective Input.

So I have a value wich has to be converted in an INPUT number.

I take tjat value and if it is 0 than I put in MB0 the value of I0, if 1 I'm putting the value of I1 in MB0 and so on.

Do you have any other suggestion?

It will be september when I will finish this project :)

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