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Can we get a better High Speed Counter?

Greg Smith

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I'm programming challenged and like the easy Rockwell Automation world, just not the price.  So Unitronics has nice powerful solutions, but the software seems to lag behind a bit...  So... what I'd like to be able to do in the Unistream platform is over-write the "read only" register "current count" from the UID-0808THS module.  I have shaft encoders and prefer to work on the positive side of the number line.  Negative roll over is a programming headache for me.


The application is a mechanical jack screw with 60 PPR A quad B encoder, signal feedback and wiring is easy and works fine.  In my control code I take the raw data and scale to engineering units to yield a linear position feedback (jackscrew moving the load a specified distance).


In the Rockwell world, I can turn the counter off, reset to zero or some "preset" value that is meaningful to the application.  What's nice about that is the programming is far easier and I can prevent roll-over problems by offsetting the number line using the preset value = non-zero value + a safety margin in counts (could be 10 x the feedback counts per rev.)



Does anyone reading this have has an application similar to this written in Unistream / Unilogic platform?  I have my program attached if you are curious about the hardware and software setup.  Version 1.7 rev 62.



If not, then I ask the capable guru's at Unitronics to consider enhancements to high speed counter firmware.




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