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In the United States the warranty is two years, unless we find water tracks on the circuit board, blown up traces, or a screwdriver hole in the touchscreen.

Joe T.

Thanks Joe for the info. A client is asking for an extended warranty period of three years. I wonder if there is such a warranty scheme with Unitronics products.

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That is a question for your sales office. They want to know the environment the units will be installed in and how many units are involved. I've got a lot of units in the field that have been running for more than five years. What's the rest of the story?

Joe T.

As you said, very good products like Unitronics may take a long while before it fails.

First, the client basically wants longer coverage with their stocked spare parts. For example, consider stocking a spare unit with one year warranty--when the breakdown occurs, say, on the second year, the replacement part withdrawn from the stock already has an expired warranty.

Other products that they use, like networking peripherals, has standard 2-year warranties with an option for extended warranties for another 1, 2, 3 years. Although I have not yet inquired the added cost and scheme with the manufacturer.

Also, as added comment, the warranty policies of a lot of manufacturers like Siemens, Rockwell, etc. are readily viewable from their respective websites. So maybe, Unitronics can publish theirs as well.

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