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HMI Graphics, Edit and add


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Is it possible somehow to edit the graphics in  the UniPic library? They cannot simply be edited in an image editor, because they are watermarked. I want to use some of the pump icons, but add different colors etc. 
Also, is it possible to add or edit the so called widgets, like the tanks?

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I'm sorry for my bad english. I'm exciting with Unistream platform. Ladder is excelent, but for now my opinion is that working with HMI is better in Visilogic.

Some questions about working with HMI in Unisteram (project is big and I have no time for testing):

1. How to organize variables? Often it isn't good to put tag to display variable directly. I have two ideas. Both ideas contain one function for each Screen.

First: to define group of global tags (arrays) and then for every Screen store variables (throw function active if Screen active) to that global tags temporary, during Screen is active.

Second: to define variables like local function tags.

2. What really function "Is Active" in Screen Proporties window? What conditions is to set and reset? Does set and reset bit working throw ladder conditions or automatically set if Screen is active and reset if not active?

3. How to set some parameters while Scren loading (On Load Subroutine in Visilogic)?


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The tag which is linked to "Is Active" property of a display will turn on immediatelly when the display is shown on the HMI and it will be reset when the display is no more showing on the HMI.

in this case for example you can use a positive transition of this tag to call a function that you will prepare such as screen loading.

You can also of course run a function while a display is shown using a direct contact of the "Is Active" to call this function.

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I am aware that Active-X is not in itself a graphic format, 

So this is what prompted me to ask such a thing about Active-X. This is the reply from my initial inquiry:

"Thank you for your interest in our product! We offer the Industrial Gadgets as an ActiveX control, or a .NET Component. Do you know if Unilogic supports either of those? I could not find an answer when I searched online. This may be something that Unitronics could answer fairly easily."


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I'm not sure who wrote this, but at least about the .Net components, it means that we have .Net components developed by us that can be used for creating your software (like Remote Operator custom control for the Vision PLCs, and few other  developers tools).

Anyway, UniLogic or VIsilogic does not support plugins.

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