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HMI Email Setting Limitations


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Is there any way to allow a user to change email server, username, password, etc within the HMI, without requiring the changes to be done in Unilogic?


I have been using a gmail account, but whenever I'm forced to change a password online the PLC is no longer able to send emails without first making the changes in Unilogic and then updating the PLC.


Ideally all of the email account settings including adding a new email account should be able to be configured within the HMI so that this would not be an issue.


Also is there any way to remove the requirement for the outgoing Mail Server to end with ".com"? Lots of internal email relays do not end with a .com and this prevents their use.


Another requirement that is limiting is the use of an email password.


I understand these requirements are put in place to help prevent from someone making a mistake, but unfortunately this severly limits situations where these can't be used.



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This is actually being done differently.

Since version 1.25, there is a Ladder Element called Load Config - .ini from SD

It allows creating an INI file with multiple settings, which let you config email accounts, FTP Client and server, IP Settings of the Panel, etc.

Then the config stored in the SD, and loaded to PLC.


This is done in order to allow changing a lot of settings in one shot, allow configuring PLCs 1 after the other by placing the SD card in them and loading the file (or storing the ini file in the SD by any other mean, like FTP), and then loading it, and it is also suitable for PLCs without Panel (Like the USC models).


From help file (LF: SD File Functions)

File Syntax Example

Note that file begins with version 100.






















Editable Parameters

Email Accounts

User Name, Password, Outgoing Server Settings, From

FTP Client

User Name, Password, Port, Remote IP

FTP Server

User Name, Password, Port, Read Only

FTP RAM Server

User Name, Password, Port

Network Panel

IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway

COM Modbus

Baud Rate, Data Bit, Parity Bit, Stop Bit
Legal values:

BaudRate values: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600/115200

DataBit values:8/7/6/5

ParityBit values: N,E,O

StopBit values: 1,2

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