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Is this a Vision series question, or for UniStream series?


For Vision- you may download a clone file to the PLC via the SD card at any time.  There is no feature preventing you from performing downloads (other than passwords and licensing), or only allowing a certain type of download (i.e. SD Card, UniDownloader, VisiLogic, etc...)


However, if you only have the *.UDC file, then you can only download with UniDownloader.  You will need thee according file type to perform the download you wish.


For UniStream- UniDownloader does not work with UniStream.

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This is my issue I purchased a piece of equipment and the equipment manufacture is no longer in business. the program was downloaded using Unidownload. Due to this i can not access the program and need to make changes are there any option or do I have to scrap that program and start over.




You are trying to obtain the program from the PLC?  If so, you may try to "Upload" the program via the Connection tab in VisiLogic.  This will upload the program from the PLC only if the programmer enabled the uploading process when they downloaded the application to the PLC.  They may have passowrd protected the upload as well to protect their intellectual property; if so, you would need the password to obtain the VisiLogic project.


If they did not download with enabling the option to upload, or if you do not have the upload password, there is no way to obtain the VisiLogic project file from the PLC.


I hope this answers your question. 

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When I upload i get a warning the project can not be uploaded the option burn project was not selected when down loaded . if a password was used should it ask for one ?. because it does not presently




The warning you receive explains that the programmer did not enable the option for you to upload the project.  The VisiLogic project file cannot be retreieved from the PLC.

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If I have no choice but to start over, I guess I will tear out the unitronics v570 and install a siemens instead. Maybe Unitronics may want to change this. If the program is running it should be viewable and retrievable. 


I would be surprised if this is the most cost-effective solution for you, however, I think you'll find that many PLC manufacturers have the same issue - they (properly) wish to protect the intellectual property rights of the program owner.

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