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First I would like to apologize for my bad english.

I'm working on program which is completely controlling system of solar panels, as a diploma work.

I've got few problems but this one makes me sad. I can't figure out, how to correctly setup real time clock. I've tried examples in visilogic directory, searched the whole help at the program but after 2 days, still can't make it work.


The best way possible for me would be having DW with real time information about time, such as DD.MM.YY and HH.MM.SS ... If it's even possible, because, I'm having many operations which will need to write time when it happened and only one DW with time would save me much space in ladder. But, I will be satisfied with any other working option.

I've found SI30-36 but they are read only, so I can't use them to write there down todays time.


Since I'm still beginner with ladder programming, can someone please give me an advice? I'm really desperate.


I will give more information, if needed. Just leave me here a message.


Thanks in advance for help.


Best regards

Martin P.


EDIT: I may find a way but I can't figure out how to increase DW by 1. It increasing something but more then it should, like 50 per sec. Is there way to do it?

Thanks again!

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How do you want to record day/time?


The easiest way would be at your event that you need to record, write out SI 30-37 to a file, table, or however you're recording the event.  Those are read only because they are actual clock time. Changing those could have very bad consequences.  You can store those into a standard integer as well without problem.

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  • MVP 2023

I use the "RTC To ASCII" function block. I find it convenient to use RTC To ASCII #7 to store mm/dd/yy to 5 MIs and RTC To ASCII #9 to store hh:mm:ss to 6 MIs. Then I copy all that to a Data Table along with some text to describe the event I'm logging. This works very well.

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