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U90 Project File Save Run-time Error 5

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I recently installed U90 Ladder v6.6.18 in a VMware v12 Win7 x64 VM (VM host machine also Win7 x64).  After defining a new project around a Jazz JZ10-11-T40 processor, I get a "Run-time error '5'" and U90 crashes when I attempt to save the project file.


Assistance will be appreciated!


Craig Bransfield

Bakersfield, CA


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I have the same problem, I was programming normally, and now that I want to make some adjustments to the program, the moment I connect, the error comes out and I throw the software. I have it installed on windows 1O, could it be a cause of the problem ?????

I wait for your help

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On the 15 August we got a few complaints that customers get this run time error 5 when they are trying to download application via U90Ladder.

We investigated more and found that this is an issue caused by the latest Microsoft update.  

In order to solve this issue until Microsoft will release new update - Please try to uninstall the update via "New installed updates" or roll back before the update. 

Please see below link to Microsoft update and known issues:


*For other version of Windows Microsoft KB article number will be different.

Article can be found in the below link:



Best Regards,


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Hi All,

Good news from Microsoft!

This time you can receive announcement about new KB update.

At my W7 Pro 64 bit update is next:


If no updsate announcement received yet, usee "Check for Updates".

Update may have different KB number for different OS and OS bitness (32 or 64).

So use "More information"link to be sure that this KB fixed VB errors.



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