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F. Enum: 0x00001000

Ins. Ptr: 000A77F0


Ladder 0x0000003D


When I return the the home screen via the info button, it throws this code. The rest of my ladder is functioning correctly, and I use the same call in many different instances.


The code is rather ugly, but I would like to get this solved before cleaning it up.

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The ladder error code you receive, 0x0000003D, can be used to find what subroutine is causing the crash. This can be found in VisiLogic under the Edit menu then selecting Find Subroutine by Ladder Error Code.


A file size of 217MB seems too large as most of our project files are from 1MB to 20MB normally.

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  • MVP 2023

217MB does not seem possible. I would be very surprised if a Vision PLC has enough memory to hold a project of that size, even after compiling. I would suggest running the Project Optimizer and also taking a look at the Projected Memory Map. A 217MB file size indicates something seriously wrong with your VLP file.

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I know exactly what subroutine is causing the crash. The problem is I have the screen call identical to other subroutines that do not have this error.


I am calling the HMI jump via ladder instead of Links and Jumps.


So I have a reset numerics subroutine and at the very end it jumps back to the startup screen. I call the subroutine in one ladder with no issue. I call it in this certain ladder and recieve this error.




Your also correct. Not sure why I was typing MB its 217 KB


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