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Hi all,

I'd like to see a change in the way the forum displays answers.  At present there are many members who don't get immediate posting of their responses.  Whilst I agree with this in some ways, it also creates problems.  The main one is multiple answering about an issue, which is annoying for those who take the trouble to do so.  They craft a response and then find they look a bit silly because up pops the same answer above them when things finally get displayed.

If the "immediate posting for all" rule is never going to be implemented, then I feel that the forum should generate a message saying that a "response has been had from member X, but is not up yet pending moderator approval"  etc etc.

The classic case of this is the answers from Henny and Isakovic here:

Henny elaborates well whilst Isak give the overview of the same answer.  I see this same sort of thing many times and I feel it is time for something to be changed.  I acknowledge that it might be slowing a correct answer a bit, but generally if people answer on this forum they give good advice.

Alternatively, allow immediate posting after a much smaller number of posts than present.  To my eye it looks like Isak and Henny are not on immediate posting, but they are both great people to have on the forum with good advice when they can help.  Many others are the same, so perhaps some careful study is needed to allow immediate posting to those members who have similar value.




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Hello Aus

Thanks for your positive feedback on this!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

But more annoying regarding the OPC topic that you referred to is that both Isak and I tried to help the topic starter and that Isak even took the effort to test it but until now no reply from the topic starter!!

When I would start a topic regarding a problem that I could not solve by myself I would check the forum every day to see if someone has already responded and give an answer back.

Also when I found in the meanwhile the solution myself then I would also post it to keep everyone informed.

Kind regards




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On 30/11/2016 at 6:48 AM, Henny said:

no reply from the topic starter!!

I agree, Henny, I find this very frustrating.  It has reached the stage where, before answering, I carefully consider whether the OP should be doing more themselves.

I think that over the last year on the forum this poor behaviour has increased.  Perhaps it is because more youngies are coming onto the scene.  At one stage I thought that it looked like we had a whole crop of uni students doing assignments using Unitronics gear, wanting maximum help and ideas for minimal effort.

In the old days, we had to look at help files and operations manuals, experiment, spend brain power and lots of time time figuring things out ourselves.  Now you can just ask the internet, and some sucker somewhere will help out with what might be the right answer that you can then take credit for with no thanks where due.  It seems a sad fact of modern society that basic manners and moral values seem to be disappearing.

But to counter that we do still see the polite posters who respond promptly and have obviously tried, so I appreciate their thanks and don't mind helping them.  And there are times when I am truly stumped on a complex issue I've studied intensely, and look to the forum for help or observations.  To my mind, that's really what it is for.



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