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GSM modem + Unistream = VNC+SMS+EMAIL...


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I want GSM modem CINTERION-EHS6T connect to Unistream PLC via USB panel port. Will this allow me to send SMS, send email and acces via VNC, webserver, UNILOGIC etc...? What is the difference betweenBGS2T and  EHS6T??? What type of cable do i need for this connection?

Thank you 

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The serial modems should be connected to the UniStream using RS232 port (cannot be connected directly to the USB host port). you can connect to the USB host port USB to RS232 converter which is based on prolific 2303 and then connect the modem to the RS232. 

You can also use the communication modules of the UniStream in order to get RS232 port.

The BGS2T is 2G modem while the EHS6T is 3G modem. Please note that the speed is still limited to the serial baud rate but.... it is important also to know if your cellular provider still support 2G network since some providers stopped or will stop supporting it.

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I connected the modem EHS6T via converter USB-232serial, which is commonly used for programming Vision PLC.  http://www.delock.de/produkt/61425/pdf.html?sprache=en

Unfortunately, the initiation of modem  has ended in error with Unistream/Unilogic.

My main question is, will this modem allow me to acces to PLC via VNC, webserver, UNILOGIC(download/upload) etc...?



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Adapter, you use, based on FTDI chip.

:Chipset: FTDI"

This chip is supported by Windows, but not supported by UniStream.

To connect and use Cinterion EHS6T modem with UniStream, you have to use USB-to-Serial converter, based on Prolific chip.

Unitronics supply such converters - Sunix USB to RS232 adapter model UTS1009B.

This cable has been tested by us and clients and it works.

Please see following link: http://www.sunix.com/en/product_detail.php?cid=1&kid=4&gid=14&pid=1136

You can use similar , Prolific chip based converter.


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If the answer re forthcoming plans is NO, a possible workaround is to use a serial to serial isolation converter that uses the prolific chip.  I don't know of a specific product, as most don't say what chip they use.  A quick goggles brought up https://www.moxa.com/en/products/industrial-edge-connectivity/serial-converters/serial-to-serial-converters  as an example, and you could send them a direct question. In theory any of the different makers would work, if the chip is right. 

cheers, Aus

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