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Since a few weeks I started working with the Vision PLC 430 J T 2. I have three expansion modules (2 for analog inputs and 1 for load cells).

Recently I've started writing down the logic of my final program. Until now I only have experience with the Siemens S7 with associated software. 

I want to create a sequence where the transition from state to state is based upon conditions. Only one transition can be true at any point and the sequence is always the same. I've always done this with flip flops which set and reset each other. 


Now I’m searching for the correct way to implement this into the Vision software. 

Can someone advise me on this?


Thank you in advance!

Nick Verlooy


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Thank you for the fast response. 

Indeed, I could arrange this with setting and resetting bits but a state machine may be also a solution. 

Anyway it is hard for me to start programming this since I don't find a proper example of how to build a state machine. 

Do you maybe know where I can find it? I've searched on this forum and examples but maybe I’m overlooking it.

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