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After installing V9.8.64, I'm facing 2 peculiar problems.

Whenever I try to modify the properties of any HMI image, i get a message Run-time error `9': Subscript out of range. And secondly

If I try to save an existing  project, it doesn't allow to do so. I have to save it as a different file name every time.


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Thank you for your reply. Re installing V9.8.64 on my Win7, 32 bit laptop, got rid of the Run-time error.

Whenever i worked on a project on any prev versions, as a force of habit, I would periodically save my file (overwrite on the same file). Here in V9.8.64, every time that i try to do so, I'm prompted that another program is using the file, and that the file should be renamed. I would then save it as filename_x.vlp. It would then save it. Now i did this and saved my latest file and took a coffee break. On resumption, the latest file opened with the work that was done 2 days back, even though the time stamp of saving was just half hour back. Now i have un installed V9.8.64, installed V9.8.31, but alas i cannot open the file i was working on. Now Ive resigned to rebuilding the project from scratch 

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If you really have 16 hours invested in this project, then I recommend that you install Version Swapper then open your 9.8.64 project and export subroutines and displays, then swap to 9.8.31 and import them.

I will say though that I don't think it's possible for a file save to only save up to 2 days ago if you're using a new filename. It seems like you have something else going on that you need to address.

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